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Thread: [REQ] 1x What

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    As the title says...
    If you're willing to give, PM me plz, I'll be very grateful...

    I'm here for the chicks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by `Dr. Nick Riviera` View Post
    I have both and I prefer what much more...

    anyone who wants to violently break rules, plz PM him

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    The invite is for my dear friend that can be trusted...
    I'm here for the chicks...

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    Then you should include that in the request Dr. Nick to avoid misunderstandings.

    Of course it leads to the question why not just give it to him/her yourself?

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    Because haven't met the criteria for one yet...
    Otherwise I would without a doubt...
    I'm here for the chicks...

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    Btw, nice detective work...
    I'm here for the chicks...


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