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Thread: Sam2 Party Dj!

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    SAM2 Party DJ is a fully featured, professional DJ system with:

    Dual player decks - cue up the next song while the current song is playing
    Crossfader, gap killer, beat matching and volume normalization will make you sound like a true professional!
    VoiceFX and SoundFX modules allows you to talk or play sound effects over music.
    Handles large music libraries with ease - 50,000+ tracks without breaking a sweat...
    Full drag&drop management to make your life easy. Sort your songs into various categories.
    And much more advanced features you won't find anywhere else!
    SAM2 Party DJ is perfect for

    Professional DJs
    Gyms & Health clubs
    Or even just for home use!

    Info & Download

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    Hey,hey this thing rocks!!

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@7 September 2003 - 12:44
    Hey,hey this thing rocks!!
    oh hell ya, patty


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