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Thread: Movies Won't Play!

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    I am new to this and wondering if someone can help. I've been able to download some movies, but most files come out blank. I have installed all of the codecs I can think of. It seems that it's usually the SMR, Teg and New Blue Group files that do this. They are downloadable, but when previewed in AVI, the codec spot remains empty and the movie plays like a blank. I know a lot of files can be fake, but is it possible for a whole "range" of files listed as SMR or teg Screeners to be like this??? Under some titles like Le Divorce, that's all you get...

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    well man the bad news is i think u have bin had....

    U have downloaded sum fake movies....

    may i ask wot movies they where u downloaded cos if they where

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    You only need codec for movies as you need them. Some conficts will occur if you have to many. It still sonds like you do not have the correct codec. A suggestion delete all you codec download from Kazaa lite web page you get a tool callad G spot codec information, this tool will identify if you have the codec you need. our what codec you need to get.

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    new2kaz, Hi, welcome to the world of fakes.

    Yes, unfortunately it's quite possible that all of the files are fake, there are a LOT out there, far more than genuine files (it's especially bad for movies). We all go through this stage. Soon you'll get angry at the people who create and share the fakes. Next you'll try to think of ways to stop them, no one has done so up to now, but hey, it could be you!

    In future try using AviPreview after you've got a meg or so of the file to check that it's what you think it is and that it plays, that saves some time, better yet, get your hashes only from the Verified sections.

    I hope that this is some help if the suggestions about codecs don't solve the problem.

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    or better still, get dc++. fakers get kicked and banned off most hubs, so if it exists you should find it

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    Thanks for the help. I have been using AVI preview, thinking that some of these movies wouldn't open cause of a codec issue. I did remove all codecs and installed only what I needed, but then some still didn't work (especially those that say New Blue Group). I guess I just didn't realize that some files are fake cause they have 5 or 6 users next to them, and there are so many!


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