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Thread: How To Fix Avi's

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    Hi guys 'n gals,

    Could anyone help me with a problem I seem to experience.

    After downloading a movie of the fasttrack network, currently T3, the movie plays for about 20 seconds, then the screen freezes on the credits! BUT the sound keeps playing for the whole film...

    How do I rectify this problem ???



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    hmm download the klite codec pack and videolan and install both and play it in videolan and the bsplayer which comes with klite codec pack and tell me what you get

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    u properly need codecs

    anyway which codecs do u have now!!!!!!!

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    Had that codec pack installed for weeks.

    BSPlayer, freezes the same as WMP, on "A Jonathan Mostow Film" and sound keeps playing.

    VLAN, Video keeps playing but very very distrorted, can hardly see it.

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    Cut out the corrupt frames.

    Virtual dub repair guide

    Or you can use DivFix also to scan and cut out the bad frames.

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    It most prob has some bad frames from downloading...virtual dub has a feature for fixing bad frames.But if u just want to watch and not fix the frames for encoding u could most probably get away with just using a filter like divx anti freeze or avi defreezer.

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    to redownload the bad parts, use kazaa corruption fixer, it's somewhere in this forum
    use the search feature and look for 'kcf' or 'kazaa corruption fixer'

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    I reinstalled Kazaa Codec pack, but ticked a few more boxes, inc AntiFreezer, Seems to have done the trick.

    Thanks guys!

    T-3 sucks "Talk to the hand"


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