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Thread: Uk Filesharing

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    I live in the UK is their anyway any of these people can sue me for having downloaded files on my PC like Music or Movies and stuff. I just download albums in Spite now to give a fuck you to RIAA and sell them to all my friends for cheap.

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    no only in the US

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    Yes, but you would be sued by the equivalent UK agency. There is one, but I forget what it's called, and they're not as rabid as the RIAA is. Remember, the copyrights are held by the labels (like Warner Bros or Universal), the RIAA is just the organization that does the suing for them in the States.

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    Yes, as mentioned above.

    However, they would have to have a court order to obtain permission to examine your shared folder or receive a specific invitation from you......or they may be in breach of UK privacy and IT Laws..... at the moment.

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