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Thread: A New Anonymous File Sharing Protocol

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    I work for a simple stupid networking in Silicon Valley company that wrote a file sharing program (simple perl program) to test a new concept in file sharing.
    I have a paper that I will share with email to anyone who wants it. I would like feedback on it from Y'all. Just post your email address here and I'll send it to you. In a coupld of days I'll put it on a web server and allow people to browse it
    soon. I'm anxious to get feed back. It works very well here, but we're all on fast LAN's. It uses a random number of "hops" to get a file from Uploader to Downloader and keeps

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    My email address is I would like to read the paper you have and I'm interested in testing it / installing on one of my webservers.

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    Sounds Good.....I'll See What Other People Think


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