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Thread: Movie Experts Here!

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    Well, Say if you downlaoded 2 parts of a film < like cd 1 and cd 2>
    Then, you wanted to combine them together so they can be one film, how do you do that???

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    What type of movie is it first of all, divX, mpeg-1/2, etc. If you don&#39;t know, try using avicodec to get the details of it. You can find it here. It&#39;s the easiest one to use. Then you can decide which method you want to use. Here is a list of some guides for different methods. Any number of them will work with varying results/reliability.

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    Just download VirtualDub then go to file> open video file if u get the vbr message then u need Mp3freeze just search yahoo for it then do the same thing. Next go to file>append video segment to add the second part to it. Next under Audio & Video tabs select Direct Stream Copy. Last thing file>save avi. And let it go and your done.

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    Thx alot you 2&#33;&#33;&#33;


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