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Thread: Who Can Name All The Rappers?

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    Who can name all the rappers in this poster, each row, left to right.

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    1st row - Ice cube, big boi, flavor flav, guru, ice T.
    2nd row Eminem, Q tip, Xzibit, jam Master Jay, Snoop Dogg
    3rd Row - KRS one, 2 pac, redman, jay z, old dirt bastard.
    4th row - Koole Keith, Rakim, Dre, Posdenus, Nas.
    5th Row - Pete Rock, LL Cool J, Big daddy kane, Mos Def, Chuck D
    6th Row - Notorious B.I.G, Slick rik, Method man..


    edit, i couldnt see the pic clearly so i tried to find it online.. i thikn i found a different one.
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    I saw that poster yesterday at looked pretty cool


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