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    I recentally purchased a new computer with a dvd burner and when i try burning a dvd(avi. format) it burns upside down.i had the same problem on my other computer with nero it would burn svcd upside down from avi. format.I am using showbiz it came with my computer.I tried their website on it and refered to microsofts article;EN-US;Q269967 And i cant figure out what my capture device and how to fix this problem.

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    Are you using nero to encode the avi? Encode with tempgeng, that should solve the problem.

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    Sorry, should be TMPGEnc

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    It's in nero somewhere its config thing. I thought it was just a glitch until earlier thx to mus for the info.

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    go to dvd help as nikita69 has the link for you and read the manuals there and you will be fine

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    use roxio 6 platinum you can make full dvds


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