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Thread: Big Problem!

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    I dont know if i should use Kazaa any more since people are being sued all over the place.....what do i do? i dont wana damn buy stuff again what if there are some songs i dont like in the CD im tired of that crap.

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    you wouldnt happen to be one of those scare mungers that have been comming in here maybe you just got a new user name?

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    The chances of getting caught are very very little.

    Go to this page and you will see some the changes of dying are greater then getting sued.

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    therfe you go your letting the RIAA beat you with that attitude ok how many ppl use kazaa??? and look how many ppl only got caught ?? whats the % chance??

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    Originally posted by Adster@11 September 2003 - 04:17
    therfe you go your letting the RIAA beat you with that attitude ok how many ppl use kazaa??? and look how many ppl only got caught ?? whats the % chance??
    261 sued. Say 20 million users (not all at once, but it's definitly higher than the 3-4 mil on at any given time).


    Dying of Cancer odds: 0.258%

    Dying in Road Accidents odds: 0.00595%

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    to hell with riaa! although they are undoubtedly going to victimize an unlucky few, with over 60 million people filesharing they are never going to be able to put a stop to it. this will come back to bite them in the ass. i guarantee that most who fileshare also purchase their product, and they have pissed off alot of customers with their latest display of total dissregard for people. who do they think they are? have they forgotten that we the people are the ones that are responsible for their success. if they want to alienate us then we should give them the same consideration, by not purchasing another f'n thing they have to offer. then lets just see how long they are able to maintain their precious bottom line! they want pretend that their industry has been victimized by filesharing and those who participate, well lets see what they do when we really stop buying what their selling. greedy f@#$s!

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    I know, I have never been scared but earlier me & my brother were talking and the way u would here it come from him would scare u but he doesn't know what he's talking about anyway. He just knows what he hears on the news. But as for being scared I wouldn't be if u are just use another P2P.

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    use random nuts k++ avaiable on the home page of this site, disable the abality for your files to be listed and you'll be fine. the people getting fucked are most likely like the 12 year users using spyware palin kazaa or some scam version like kazaa goldnot k-lite users with riaa, etc ip's blocked and the privacy patch to stop your files from being listed.

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    its all great saying that the chances of getting caught are very little but other record industries and countries are sure to follow and the chances of getting sued are going to rise.
    just another way of getting more money....

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    they have caught users in New Nork and i live in new jersey so thats why i especially brought up this subject....i dont wana risk it but you guys seem calm. Then again if caught ur in deep Sh**. <<sigh>> ill see whats gonna happen until then ill go easy on the kazaa usin.

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