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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean!

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    Well, For me Johny Depp was magnificant!!!
    And the actuall film is unmissable!!!

    For me, I rate the film 10/10!!!
    Its definently one of the best films this year!!!

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    9/10 g8 movie

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    Mar 2003
    I agree, one of the few genuinley funny feel good movies

    Depp was amazing, I would give it ten if it wasnt for the pathetic "if you like pain try wearing a corset" line


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    yep i agree the best movie this year by far.... who wud have thought it a Johnny Depp movie being better than a Terminator movie

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    You would be a fool to miss it!

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    yeah, the movie was really good. It kinda seemed like it was a little drug out in parts, but overall was pretty good. I give it a 8 out of 10.
    Also, anyone with the Daduck encode, theirs a part in the movie, where part of it is was like cut out. When Depp and Bloom first get on the boat, and then it cuts and Depp gets slapped by the women on the island. What happens between that point. And is anyone elses like this?

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    I know the one you mean, pretty much nothing, they just arrive on some pirate base island, just a shot if the ship docking in harbour, and depp takes a sword off some guy, and theres just loads of fighting going on around them, he explain its a pirate base, walks into a bar, then gets slapped

    Ive seen both the daduck and the cinema versions

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    I thought it was funny lol..

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    is everything.
    Well the film was great (9/10) but Johnny Depp's accent was terrible it reminded me of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins...

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    great movie. definutely one of the best this year and of all time. it's moving it's way greatly down the all time grossing films in us and will most likely pass matrix reloaded in gross next week. with holes, lizzie mcgruire movie, finding nemo, freaky friday, and potc disney has had a great summer. they have dominated at box office this summer.

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