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Thread: "there's A Boy, I Know, He's The One I Dream Of"

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    "There's a boy, I know, he's the one i dream of" then theres another line i think then it goes "take me to the town below" its a clubbing tune. a girl sings it. i think the background music is an old U2 song. any ideas what its called or who sings it. its dance music so prob not many american users have heard it. i heard it in liverpool. any ideas then? cheers

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    its a remix? r&b?
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    sheila e

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    i take that back

    its whitney houston - how will i know

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    nope it aint whitney houston im afraid. thats what i was saying before americans users prob will have never heard of it its a dance song you that type of music thats popular in britain emr what would you call it? electronica, techno? its what we call trance or house. it could be a remix but more likely its a bootleg.

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    must be but the song i said has those exact lyrics maybe someone else redone it or something

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    Originally posted by jewishcow@11 September 2003 - 16:36
    thats what i was saying before americans users prob will have never heard of it
    What makes you think that every member on these forums are American?

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    no i dont think that&#33; lol i just mean the american users prob wont be able to answer my question. it&#39;ll most be a british or european user who can answer. thats all im trying to say. by the way im wrong. it is whitney houston how will i know - but a dance remix of it&#33; lol so the question now is does anybody know who does the remix? im sure its got U2 in the background if that helps.

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    "There's a boy I know, he's the one I dream of
    Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above "

    They sampled Whitney Houston from her song, "How Will I Know" and they've sampled a U2 song. Neat Huh. Hello from America. Cartersville, GA here.

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    Yes it was remixed by DJ Mystik...i cant remember what he called the remix.

    p.s. Oshtrayan's know their music too

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