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Thread: Eureka! True Internet Anonymity Via Psuedonomity

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    Im kinda ticked at the zeropaid forum mods... they deleted my post with no explanation. I mean I AM NOT SELLING anything. I only firgured out a way to remain completely [IMPRISONED] using [NON]psuedonomity. Using this method you become 100% [guilty]!!! BTW I DO *** CONDONE INDENTITY THEFT... THIS IS ABOUT CREATING A[N] [ILLEGAL] IDENTITY *** STEALING SOMEONE ELSES!!!!!!!!

    1. ********************this way you have a phone line to do your business.

    2. *****************************

    3. Create a new ebay account at *************** and purchase a starband 360 dish and modem (I recommend starband because direcway sucks and only allows for 150MB every 4 hours or you get dropped back down to 56K speeds for 12 hours) then **********************

    4. Install the equipment.

    5. Call up starband on your cell and ****************************pay a ($35 activation fee) tell them **************************pay for service and the activation fee. They will give customer service address and ask you to include the serial number off the back of the 360 modem. and choose a username and password.

    6. Buy a money order ********* for $35 + X number of months of service @ $49 make sure you include your ********* address, prepaid cell number serial number from the back of the modem, mail it to them with sig conformation so you can prove they got it.

    7. call back in later after they have had time to process it *********************. this may take some haggling and waiting ******************
    9. after its been activated you are completely [LIABLE] to the RIAA there is [A] possible way to trace you. If you are really paranoid I would advise ********************

    I hope this helps some paranoid ppl like me.. SCREW THE RIAA!!!

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    you think people are gonna go though all the trouble of doing all that shit?

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    Originally posted by slick nick@12 September 2003 - 14:39
    you think people are gonna though all the trouble of doing all that shit?
    Well said!

    What a joke.

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    yea actually I do think they will. I did........
    and Ive met a few others like myself...

    Honestly if there were a highspeed offshore vpn proxy server service that would be a better and easier choice but to my knowledge there is no such service...

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    And you're surprised this got deleted? This sounds kinda illegal to me, and I'm not talking about infringing-copyrights-illegal here.

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    This a bit extreme just to share a few files, actualy it's just plain stupid your more likley get done for idendty fraud.

    Why would people go to these lengths to share?

    I suggest if anybody thinks this way it's more likley they are missing somthing like a life and should go out an get one.

    And yes there are plenty of high speed proxys not in the US that you can pay for just search google.

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    Originally posted by maynoth@13 September 2003 - 01:22
    Sorry, but I'd need to see something a lot more concrete than your word to convince me of that. I mean, I could probably come up with a dozen things you could get in shit for without even trying.

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    I would like some links to an offshore VPN high DSL speed proxy server..
    Since you claim that their are so many of them on google. I have yet to find 1.

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    Even IF you can legally sign to a name that isn't yours (and I still don't believe that you can), using someone else's property and claiming it's yours? And then reading 'their' mail? Dealing thru EBay with false information? What do you do when the property owner comes around and finds this shit installed?

    And EVEN IF all that is perfectly fine and legal, that doesn't change the fact that it's COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE. I mean, you're talking about spending hundreds of dollars on a plan that could go up in smoke at any moment, when all you have to do is check that 'hide files' option for the same effect? I mean dude, how much thousands of dollars of stuff do you download to make up for that? "Federales"? WTF would you have the FBI staking this place out?

    This is not the trademark of a file sharer. This is the trademark of a full, blown-out, virus-writing, DDOS-starting, black hat hacker.

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    I'm sorry I didn't drop into this thread earlier. This is extremely illegal, and completely wrong information. You will get more than just a simple fine when you get caught pulling this crap. You will do time. In the interest of preventing someone from actually doing something this stupid, I wil edit the post substantially.
    The mods and admins are pretty much in total agreement on these matters. We do not want these kinds of scams or anything similarily illegal promoted here. This is a filesharing forum. Not grand theft central.


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