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Thread: I Think You Guys Are A Bunch Of A$$holes

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    <span style='font-family:Impact'>I think you guys are a bunch of a&#036;&#036;holes for deleting maynoth post. You should allow people to make up their on mind about whats wrong or right. It is not like you you are an angel of any kind, dont forget that what kazaa lite does is to slowly put down the Kazaa company and its employees by cutting their only way of generating an income. We are still here, we are still thank full. Because the internet is the last fronteer, the only place where you can be free. AND NOT YOU OR ANYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SHUT SOMEONES VOICE.

    P.S. this is regarding This Post</span>

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    Thanks for sharing, Jesus.

    Apparently there were legal implications with the original post.

    Feel free to start your own forum and give him a platform.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Originally posted by L0rD_S0tH@13 September 2003 - 06:58
    Right on, this post affends me it should be closed.

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    THAT JERKOFF mod completely changed the context of my statement.

    there are no current us laws against using pseudonyms (FAKE NAMES) note I did not say someone elses name just a fake name.. I made a few calls to a friend who deals with traditional and cyber law and to the best of his knowledge there is nothing illegal about using a pseudonym to sign up for services or by products unless you use that psuedonym to defraud ppl or to commit an illegal activity. then they would compound your orginial crime but in and of itself using a psuedonym is NOT ILLEGAL.

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    I allways hated this Jesus.

    So i close this here now ..



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