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Thread: How I Met Your Mother???

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    Does any one have all 4 Seasons of How I Met Your Mother?
    And Burn Notice?
    Thanks in advance.
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    JustDOSE's Avatar look at my meatwad
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    here is
    NTSC 2 & 3 dvd :
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Pimpn aint easy

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    Anything in xvid? I'm sorry i should of said that earlier.

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    still looking for how i met your mother? i have all 3 complete seasons and all available season 4 episodes and they are all xvid

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    Yes I am, could you post that nzb?

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    i'll start uploading them today and post the nzb's as i get them

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    heres the nzb for season 1

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    When I try to download them all files fail. Any ideas?
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    Trying this out so it may not work

    These are NZBs for posts in a.b.multimedia.comedy 103 days ago

    I haven't downloaded so I've no idea of the quality. Season 1 & 2 were also posted 134 days ago in a.b.tvseries

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    yeah, this is the first time i have uploaded anything so it might be my bad. i used this guide. the second season is up and i have the 3rd on the way

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