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Thread: Take A Stand Against The Madness; Stop The Riaa!

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    Take A Stand And Sign It.
    Almost 20,000 Signatures Already.
    Take a Stand Against the Madness; Stop the RIAA!
    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is on a rampage, launching legal attacks against average Americans from coast to coast. Rather than working to create a rational, legal means by which its customers can take advantage of file-sharing technology and pay a fair price for the music they love, it has chosen to sue people like Brianna LaHara, a 12 year-old girl living in New York City public housing.

    Brianna, and hundreds of other music fans like her, are being forced to pay thousands of dollars they do not have to settle RIAA-member lawsuits -- supporting a business model that is anything but rational. This crusade is generating thousands of subpoenas and hundreds of lawsuits, but not a single penny for the artists that the RIAA claims to protect.

    Copyright law shouldn't make criminals out of 60 million Americans, and it's time for a change. Congress is going to hold hearings; we need your help to make sure that the public's voice is heard. Tell Congress that it's time to stop the madness!

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    Everyone DO WHAT HE ASKS, it only takes about a minute, and might acctually help!!!

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    Originally posted by REALITY@14 September 2003 - 02:40
    Take A Stand And Sign It.
    Almost 20,000 Signatures Already.
    Now almost 25,000!!!!

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    now its at 30914...wen i signed 2 days ago it was about 7,000! maybe i made a difference hey it can happen...

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    what about that other petition that kazaa lite started??

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    Up to 38,000 now.


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