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Thread: [REQ] GFT,Elektronik

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    Nov 2007
    Hello i looking for GFT because they havent ratio and have good pre times and elektronik i want because listening techno and house and i have TR but Tr have only trance speedtest and ratio proof send pm if you contact me thank you

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    Well, my first post here and it's gonna be a bashing.

    Mate you've been a member for more than a year and have managed 9 posts. I'd imagined they would have been longer ones. Just a tip, put more effort into your equest or it won't be taken seriously.

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    in a dream place
    good luck to achieve your point

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3volut1onx View Post
    good luck to achieve your point
    I love the way u r increasing ur post count by wishing luck to everyone very nice of u.


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