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Thread: Bittorrent Rules!

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    man, now that i got bittorrent working good.. i'm starting to like it more than emule and irc for games.

    Here's the way i think of the software/info search"IN Line-Up (sorted by popularity.. kinda):

    Kazaa= Good for mp3Z, videoZ, small softwareZ under 100mb, DocumentZ, uhh and whole lot of other cool/weird/how-To/poRn/top-secret stuff..

    Bittorrent= Good for Games/Software ISOs, BINS, Movies, etc (hell it's faster)

    IRC= You can get lucky with normal and rare stuff at high speeds in IRC-Ork

    Google= Find anything about anything (dont forget the image search... lmao)

    Astalavista= Master of all crack/serial search engines (not altavista.. mistaken by newbs) Kinda cool, find a bunch of mirrors of files.. comes in handy

    Emule= You can find REALLY rare stuff like Macintosh software on it

    Hotline= Mainly macintosh software, hard as hell to use.. similare to public ftps.

    FTP= Dunno, public ftps are crap, but Ftp is good for like sending a file to a specific person with privacy.

    Online HD= 95% of em are DEAD LiNkEd

    Direct Connect= They say it's huge, but i could download @#$%* on it! not a single file!.. also they like rate people by how much file size they share.. some people cheat and it says they shareing like 900 TB.., but it says DSL or Cable Internet used! LOL

    -- do ya know of anything else?

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    Grokster= A bunch of spammers that wish they were like Kazaa Lite
    Kazaa Gold=Same as Grokster
    Tesla= A bunch of crap all rolled into one
    Emule=didn't work for me, but i'll try some other day...

    edit: Napster= Was great for mp3s, until...that fatefull day
    Only in a computer will I find happiness.

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    Limewire= Macintosh warez source.. not enough mac users.. it's crap

    Poisened= Macintosh Kazaa.. works just like it, mp3s images txt videos, but No Mac Software. Oh yea, they claim RIAA made it to spy on mac users also. maybe because it's.. Poisoned.

    Buy You have to buy

    Itunes Music Store= Official Macintosh Music Mp3s online.. bunch of old songs tho.. plus that big bill you get in the mail when your having a hangover the next morning.

    Crack-Locator= Website with crack mania.. dunno, but its got alot of new stuff

    CracksAM, CracksST, CrackWS, SOO many different ones= .... astalavista links to dem websites.

    Opera's Search tools:

    MP3-Audio Search: Finds songs, not many, slow, deadlinked

    Video Search: Finds Sample Porn Videos, Commercials, and never anything over 20mb.

    Image search: Just like google and altavista's.

    Morpheous: Used to be Kazaa basicly.. now it's got a new looks.. Spyware+ It cant find stuff at all.. downloads slow

    Edonkey: similare to emule, but it sucks. It never downloads. ( i got plenty off stuff downloaded off emule) Eh, free stuff.. good for getting Trials before u go get crack/serial

    WinMX= like edonkey.. Connects to damn sloww!

    Oh yea, there's like 100s of Kazaa ripp offs that look excatly the same, but have whole lotta spyware even tho u pay for em.


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