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Thread: Photoshop 7

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    anybody help out a noob where to get a photoshop manual

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    If you have Bittorent go to Suprnova

    Total Training for Photoshop - 8 CD's

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    if your really new to photoshop it would be worth your while using the included help files that come with it. run photoshop, the last menu on the top bar is 'help' (or just pressf1) - this will introduce you to all the basic tools and functions.

    after that you could search kazaa for 'adobe ebook', there's tons of them.

    sharedholder's tip is great, so this is just something to try while your waiting for those 8cd's to d/l. happy photoshoppin'

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    sorry if posted to wrong area and thanks for your help

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    on something.


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