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Thread: Clearly I'm Missing Something...

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    Jan 2003
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] your own....that thread for list only
    [Jibbler] i believe i was following in the footsteps of our fearless leader FC
    [Jibbler] maybe you know him?
    [Jibbler] is there some problem you have with me making a list?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] yeah....ok dude
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] no..I have no problem...but you do with me
    [Jibbler] cause it seems you are the only one complaining and trying to change things
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I am here to make things are not\
    [Jibbler] are you high?
    [Jibbler] i contribute so fucking much here
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] you thjink only you can make a list of your new shit.
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] why not others?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I made a simple list
    [Jibbler] i said no such thing, i took an opportunity to provide a service that NO ONE WAS PROVIDING
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] and it already worked..had 2 PMs
    [Jibbler] not you wanna be a hero and jump on?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] ok Jibbler whatever
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] why can not others help out?
    [Jibbler] i'm just saying, you've been here forever, and you seem to "own" this forum (so to speak)
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I guess me making a list hurts?
    [Jibbler] but only now are you trying to contribute, posts mean nothing
    [Jibbler] i could care less
    [Jibbler] they can unsticky my list, i'm not prejudice about it
    [Jibbler] i just thought it might be more convenient
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] yeah Jibbler..that is right..I only Post
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] whatever
    [Jibbler] i've been on this forum for 9 months, i barely see any verifieds with your name on them
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] who brought everybody here and helped them with it...when are say this place sucks?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] you want me to bump my old verifieds?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] watch this kid
    [Jibbler] oh christ, here we go
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] he he he he he
    [Jibbler] listen, i don't wanna start a holy war here
    [Jibbler] my list is very specific, scene rips only, mainly new stuff
    [Jibbler] i don't want to confuse people
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] well looks like you are dude....with your this is for my list only
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I try to make it better and you put me down for it
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] saying I have no love for the forum
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] or for music
    [Jibbler] no wait
    [Jibbler] that's not what i said
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I never called you nothing Jibbler
    [Jibbler] i made a joke
    [Jibbler] cause you left the forum
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] you started all this
    [Jibbler] this has been happening for 3 months
    [Jibbler] the list i mean
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] well
    [Jibbler] so when you came back, you are the ONLY one to complain
    [Jibbler] and you did it publically on the forum
    [Jibbler] which i have no problem with
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] man....that is why me making a list helped some people are the one going against it..not me
    [Jibbler] except that i never claimed the list to be anything but a collection of stuff i pulled from irc
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I am useing the sticky for what it was made for
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] this is a community Jibbler..not just you
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] i never complained
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I want to make it better
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] why is that complaing?
    [Jibbler] i told you once before, and if i wasn't clear, then i apologize
    [Jibbler] but
    [Jibbler] i have no interest in being the "new release guy" or whatever
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] I have been back for over 2 months act like I just came back
    [Jibbler] i just thought it would stop all the "has this been ripped yet" questions
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] whatever...I left for one month to get away back in June
    [Jibbler] FC, you were on another forum recruiting users to a new SS room
    [Jibbler] i saw the post dude
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] so that means UKMan and everybody else is traders also?...ok
    [Jibbler] i don't know ukman
    [Jibbler] i mean i know of him, but you know
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] yeah you do not
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] UKMan was one of the first the noob
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] you come here with your my shit is better then all the rest.......
    [Jibbler] dude, you are so off base
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] and so are you
    [Jibbler] and if i'm the noob, why are you all using Klite to get your shit?
    [Jibbler] maybe the members will think so too?
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] lmao
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] have not used klite in months
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] all I want to do is use the list are the one not letting people
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] can have it
    [FuNkY CaPrIcOrN] will erase mine
    [Jibbler] no, I'll remove my tracks from the sticky...
    [Jibbler] i never meant to cause any problems
    Proud member of MDS

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    Jan 2003
    FC already asked me to remove his stuff, which i have done.

    It's your thread Jibbler, keep it that way.

    And this is not up for public debate I'm afraid, keep it to PM please.


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