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Thread: Is the RIAA in worse shape than previously thought?

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    I did not write this, this was on p2pnet....but an interesting read.

    Here is part of what it says:

    "It is about 90-100+ people across the US and global offices - anti-piracy, coordinated IFPI/BPI etc - trust me it’s a bloodbath…

    (Major label heads) Hands, Morris are squeezing the ____ out of these guys after the ISP failure and a major budget cut.

    (NOW THIS IS THE PART THAT SHOCKED ME).......(The) RIAA as you know it is probably history by Tuesday of next week, a formal announcement is being drafted for drop next week. (SO ARE THEY SAYING THE RIAA IS NOT GOING TO BE A P2P TERROR ORGANIZATION ANYMORE?)

    (I DID NOT KNOW THAT. And I have not seen it reported on other file sharing sites that the RIAA are as the article put it....."history"! Though I have seen other file sharing sites report that the RIAA are laying off people.)

    The new group is a aggregate of IFPI + remaining pieces of BPI + RIAA - (a) new leaner, coordinated group…DC offices are getting closed except for one part of one floor on Conn. Ave., just for the address.”

    Though saying the source is "unconfirmed".... that claims the RIAA is in more trouble financially than anyone thought.... makes me wonder if it is really true or just a pipe dream. Anyone can claim anything on the net, but that does not make it true. (Though I really do hope this orginazation that has sued dead people, grandparents and students among others is ripped apart by this recession, they deserve NO MERCY!)

    But one thing IS true, with this major recession, companies are laying off workers by the thousands. So I really don't see the RIAA and entertainment companies being spared from this economic tsunami.

    If it turns out to be least that is something positive this bad economy will have done....gotten rid of the RIAA leeches and entertainment cartels that want to bleed people dry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by webe123 View Post
    They will be merged with IFPI, which is nothing better than the RIAA.


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