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Thread: Photoshop Help!

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    How do you make a photoshop 7.0 brush from scratch? like turn an image to a brush

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    there's a few ways to do this kind of thing, this one's fairly straightforward.

    open the pic you want to get the brush or pattern from, and use the marquee or other selection tool to select the bit you want to copy

    then goto 'edit' menu, and select 'define pattern/brush' - this one is 'pattern'. then hold down the cursor on the tool menu 'rubber stamp' until the other options appear and use 'pattern stamp tool'

    you'll see this on the top 'option' bar (enable 'options' in the 'window' menu), then click on the new pattern you just defined

    then when you use the 'pattern stamp' you get this. you can mess about with the settings so that it doesnt paint in grids and loads of other effects. best way to suss it is just mess about with the brush/pattern options


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