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Thread: Searching For 80's Movie

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    I'm still searching for the movie Mask with Cher I have searched more times than
    I care to to count. If anyone out there does have it can you please share. I even looked to find this and purchase it but I can't find it HELP!!!

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    u tried E-Bay iam sure sum 1 will b selling it on there...

    but this is always on late night TV i have lost count how times i have seen it.. poor Rocky Dennis tho

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    Thanks for the info But I would like to to be able to watch this without commericals!
    I thought this PTP. If I wanted to look on E-bay I would have!!!!!!!!!

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    Go to Amazon if you want to buy Dvd 17 or Vhs 6 UK of course.

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    People! People! I Want to DOWNLOAD IT !!!!!! Has anyone have a copy to share
    this is a PTP is it not? I share all my movies I would like to see more people do the same. So save the wise cracks for someone in the jokes group thanks.


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