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Thread: Need Help!

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    i downloaded ST: Bridge commander off kazaa. i really enjoyed the game but whenever i try to load a saved game, it just crashes to my desktop. I never have any problem starting a new game but it's kinda hard to finsih the game in one try

    plz help
    thnx in advance

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    go to gamecopyworld and search up a "fixed" crack for it. the reason why the game crashes when u try to load it is because it's most likely a rip of the original. it happened to the gta3 rip (133 mb on kazaa) too. sorry, i can't post links, so just go to google, and type in gamecopyworld, and click on the first link. if the fixed crack isn't on that site, then go back to google, and type in megagames and search it up, click on the first link, blah blah blah, u know the rest. can't post links because it's a rule in the forums. hope that helped .

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