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Thread: Why's It So Slow?

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    Testing my dsl connection, it's about 1.3mb, nearly t1 speed. downloading i'm getting less than 1kb/s the fastest speed I've seen was upload at 17kb/s. What's the dealio? I turned off the proxy and it hardly made a difference. I'm running XP, kazaa +++ and I dunno what the problem is

    I appreciate all your help.

    Thanks kindly...

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    Hello again did you say that you are at a college?

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    Nope. I'm not at a college. I'm in a single family home. the speed for everything else is 1.3mb, like I said. I downloaded a 3mb upgrade in seconds. but for Kazaa..... it's like molasses.

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    if you downloaded the acceerator than it would download at least 7mb/s

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    Have you tried Dling a known popular file?

    MusleMan's favorite is Like A Prayer by Madonna.
    Any South Park episode will work for video.

    I think you'll find that the speeds are much higher.Perhaps the files you seek are just harder to find sources for.
    Also, keep in mind that your speed is irrelevant- it's the connection that you are uploading from that matters.
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    You may have a point there.... but ifI type in games (and check software) it won't even find one game. Perhaps I'm retarded

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    Originally posted by noobiewonkenobe@21 September 2003 - 23:41
    You may have a point there.... but ifI type in games (and check software) it won't even find one game. Perhaps I'm retarded
    try searching for "gta3"
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    When u find what u want to download and it isn&#39;t going fast just pause it then right-clik and clik find more sources and see if that works also when searching tick the "auto search more" box and then search for what u want when u find it just let it keep going then look in transfer when u see the speed u like (your max speed) then go back to search and stop the search. Also, it could be that what your downloading doesn&#39;t have alot of badwidth (U can only go as fast as someone let&#39;s u go) on it so like they said above try to download something popular.

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    [quote]Originally posted by 3rd gen noob@21 September 2003 - 23:42
    Quote Originally Posted by try searching for "gta3":ph34r: [/QUOTE

    about games and software, you MUST know the name of the game/software you want to download. otherwise you will find fake files of a specific game/software on the search feild(can&#39;t spell).

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    I followed the above advise. I found gta 5 with the same titles even., Started downloading... clicked find more sources... I had like 6... They all went away (and won&#39;t come back...) currently, my ETA for download is over 1300 hours...... people are getting big files fast from me.... I still don&#39;t understand this problem

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