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Thread: Free IPv4 News Servers

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    Because I hate the IPv6 servers, I searched for an IPv4 one.
    I found one with this :
    *Duration : 15 (or 7 days, I don't remember)
    *Retention : 191 days
    *Max speed while free access : 250 kb/s

    How does it work ?
    Register with a spam mail, and go reserve an ad access.
    When you register yourself on the ad they ask you to register and than you say you do it, you are credited of X Gb (said).
    It's in french, but you can use the Google translator.

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    Any reason you hate the IPv6 ones? There all fast and reliable, as long as you have IPv6 installed, and the tunnel aspect is for people in the USA.

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    Which is the server to connect to Allonews?


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    There are 4 servers:

    Port: 1129 or 8000.
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