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Thread: Seeking for Mexican forum

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    Question Mark

    hi,dear fellow:
    I am interesting in everything related to Mexico since I have an unforgetable Mexico travel last year..oh, so fantastic..

    Is there any hottest Mexican forum within english ???
    Thanks advance,,

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    Mr. Mulder's Avatar pepper your angus BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    we used to have a mexican here who could have helped you but he pretended to move to las vegas or something else

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    ja, he's in nevada with The and manker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caraboolee View Post

    Is there any hottest Mexican forum within english ???
    If only you'd started this with "But".
    Skweeky would have approved.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg


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