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Thread: Was Hacked Today!

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    Guest was hacked today and peoples ip addresses are hanging around the web.

    The hacker posted the ip's here with a questionable note.

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    It's probably just that tosser at ES5.
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    i agree with lynx, this so called "hacker" could have just used an image in his sig or avatar or in a post to collect ZP users IP's and posted from the image's host server log for the IP's that request it, and is posting them on that site to make ZP look bad (like they need help)

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    This one > is an ISP proxy, not a local host at all. I see many more that are also ISP IP's. Looks like these numbers are from a very poor backtrace, not any real usefull database.

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    he could have made his own IPs , right? ) Bored pepele come up w/ tihs like that.

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    hey if you RIAA got my IP Adress, come on

    take me to court :) come and be Sure I will tell you
    RIAA guys the idea behind sharing of thoughts is to understand
    each other better :)

    come RIAA guys come sent my IP Adress to who you want...

    and I will tell you my opinion in court :)

    by the way: here in germany in many cases you can choose between
    paying 2000 dollar for sharing or doing some useful work for your city ...

    I would prefer number 2 - it “helps sharing of thoughts ...

    hey hey,

    thks, david.

    just my feelings...

    Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!!


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