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Thread: Migrate License

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    Welcome to Windows Media Personal License Migration Service.
    You have reached this page because you are attempting to do one of the following with content that was copied from Cd's:

    Restore the content on a computer or operating system that has been upgraded, or
    Use existing content on another one of your computers.

    If you re-install an operating system or install a completely new operating system on a computer on which you have previously maintained licenses, that computer will appear to be a new, unique computer to this service when you migrate licenses. However, upgrading the operating system will not change the identity of the computer as far as this process is concerned.

    Any unauthorized use of the content may be a violation of the law, including U.S. and international copyright laws, and may subject you to civil and criminal prosecution

    If you wish to read our policy page, click the link above. If you want to migrate licenses now, click the Migrate License button. Otherwise, click Cancel.

    Cancel / Migrate License
    I'm not a massive music downloader and I just got this message after checking out a WMA audio file (I though it might be good quality as bought albums that I've put on my P.C via Win Media are generally very good and are in WMA format as opposed to MP3). I eventually just clicked the "migrate license" button and the file played fine. I was just wondering what it meant and whether I was in any trouble (like IP logged for further investigation)

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    follow the path tools>options>copy music in wmp and see if you something that says "protect content". Basically the wma audio codec is not free and microsoft doesn't give the entire world unlimited encoding rights for making wma files. If you uncheck this box, your files won't be locked on other computers, in other words, they will be "good" files that can be played freely on any computer. Hope it helps.

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    to avoid stuff like this, dont download wma&#39;s. they are shite quality and can be packed with copyright protection and im guessing maybe viruses.
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    Originally posted by mogadishu@23 September 2003 - 12:12
    to avoid stuff like this, dont download wma&#39;s. they are shite quality and can be packed with copyright protection and im guessing maybe viruses.
    yep, you can hide links to compromised sites in them...
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