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Thread: Jedi Academy Help!

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    hey I just got the 2 parts and now I want to know how to extract them. can some one tell me how to do it please?

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    what kind of a file are they? bin? if bin/iso get winiso or you can use nero just go on burn cd image (or somting..()

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    I have the same problem. Both files were named .exe, but that is not correct. The file sized look about right for the beta version though. I've tried renaming to .iso, .bin, .rar. zip, and .ace all with no sucess. If anybody can give me a hint it would be greatly appreciated.

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    i just sticked both of them in a folder and i clicked the first exe (i think the frist disk) and then i just extarcted it from there and it worked

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    I can only assume that you have to part package that was widley spread since neither of you told us other wise. Here is the .nfo file from that release.

    Star Wars Jedi Knigh - Jedi Academy - cracked beta

    This is a winrar self extracting image including a cracked copy of the game, I thoug a packaged version would be better to spread and for CD archives. Till now the multiplayer part haven't been cracked, maybe this part will be done too in a later time... Rember it's beta so don't pect it to work flawlessly on your PC (but here it's fine, hehe). Thanks to GrandMasta and it's contact for the awesome job with the crack, much appreciated!

    Just execture swjkja.part1.exe to start the install and show the path to swjkja.part2.rar when asked.
    Execture /GameData/jasp.exe to play the game

    May TheLight be with you!

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    they are both exe files, and they wont open

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    As you can see above they both should not be if the file sizes are bot laarge rename the second to .rar (take off the exe) and run the first one, see what happens.

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    yep, that seems like what the quote says to do. or just try opening them with winrar.
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