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Thread: I Want Homeworld 2!

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    I've been trying to download homeworld 2 for a few days now, I know it's all illegal and shit so don't tell me that. Anyways, I have a relatively fast connection and I have downloaded files that are 1gb before in like 5 hours! I have tried so many users to download from and I ALWAYS get remotely qued! Most of the time I try to download the files the bandwidth for the files are friggin over 1500 and when I download music they are like 600 at max. Maybe it's because they are so popular or something but this is pissing me off, I have tried to download from so many users, usually 1 out of 100 will let me connect but no, not a single god dam ****ing user lets me dl from them!!!!! Is anyone else having this problem!?!?!?!?

    P.s. I have a router with an automatic firewall, but that firewall is disabled by me : p

    Can Anybody help me!?!?!

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    are u using kazaa? use bittorent

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    kazaa is useless for new music ,new movies, new games..practically new everything..have a look at how many users online all time low of 3 million..i remember the days where youd be luck to see it under 6-7 million..what does that tell you?...ANSWER..Kazaa is dead

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    it isnt for Windows though right?


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