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Thread: Avi's With Bad Frames. What I Do About It

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    I wont go into to much detail at this time but if I dload a avi movie that has a few bad frames in it I do the following.
    example: I download a DVD quality version of Final Destination 2 a few months ago that was perfect except for about 25 frames ( about 1 sec ) which would cause the movie to freeze about 10 mins into the movie when watching and when trying to convert to DVD PAL with TMPGEnc or any format for that matter.
    I downloaded virtualdub, installed and opened my movie Final destination 2 and scaned for bad frames. Once it said I had bad frames I found them by skipping through the movie till the bad frames warning came up ( this tells you where they start at ) The point where the bad frames start in the movie go a few more frames
    either side and select mark in just before the BF start and mark out just a few frames after the BFrames finish. Now go to edit/delete section ( bad frames now deleted ) Before saving the new fixed avi go to compression/select the compression you want to use ( I always use xVid ) then to file/save avi and save
    to HD ( dont overwrite the origional just yet ).

    TMPGEnc is quite good for converting avi's to dvd PAL or NTSC ( movie retains much sharper image the VCD )
    I also use Ulead DVD moviefactory dulux to do menu's, layout and burning.
    I have burnt about 10 really high quality dvd's and they have all worked on every dvd player they have been played in ( 5 players and one thats 4 years old )

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    BTW if you open movie with VD and it says the CBR sound is incorrect then you have to save the sound as a wav file then convert to a mp2 file with Besweet program.
    With TMPGE
    The avi will need to be converted as ES [ video only ] then you go to file/mpeg tools/simple multiplex add the ES movie you created and select the mp2.sound
    and output as mpeg file. You convert the sound to mp2 because I have found that in you use the wav file the the sound is always just ahead or behind the video.

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    Originally posted by DrunkeNStylE@25 September 2003 - 07:53
    hes giving us a tip for avoiding bad frames that mess up the whole movie..
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    Of course, you could always just redownload the bad section with KCF and have a perfect copy of the original file, without any corruption at all.

    And you should know that VirtualDub&#39;s bad frame scanning isn&#39;t 100% reliable, so you should manually check for corrupted frames.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.

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