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Thread: What just happened to this thread...

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    Am not on anything ok?,i was on page 2 here sexten had just started lurking on the thread and i noticed things were about to get interesting come page 3 then like magic the thread just fvcking disappeared..i hate this magic stuff and it never happens on this board as far as i know.So am now even more curious/er as to what happened to warrant this david blaine shit.The other threads similar to this get locked but they don't get wished into cache isnt helping either,so wtf happened on page 3 and 4?did he provide evidence?who won?

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    I didn't read the thread in its entirety, but I saw all of what I need to in the first post. There have been plenty of those type threads in the past and there was no need for another. It's been explained over and over again and I see no need to rehash.

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