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Thread: Help Really Needed!

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    i have AFL 2004. i have downloaded the 'AFL.LIVE.2004.V1.0.ENG.BATTERY.NOCD.ZIP' CD CRACK. Does anybody know how to use it. OR does anybody know how to use any NO CD CRACK at all.

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    just place the .exe file in the game folder and replace the original .exe file..when it says "this file already exists, do you want to overwrite it" click yes

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    take the cracked exe file and replace the exe that came from the cd
    c:program files/EA sports/AFL LIVE
    are where ever it is in your program files
    if its the right folder, when you copy/paste the cracked.exe windows will ask are you sure you want to replace blabbla.exe with your cracked blabla.exe
    say yes

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    Yeah NOCDs merely replace the original game .exe - but MAKE SURE you back up the original before you go overwriting it. A good place to get NOCD Patches (as many prefer to call them) is - this site is legal as it stresses you must have the original CD to download, which means its you breaking the law, not the site.

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    ok i did that and i got a few new folders like ptches badges,etc. then when i click to open the game the screen goes black as if something were going to happen and then it returns to normal? whatup wit that?

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    Did you overwrite the original .exe . you might have put it in the game folder but not the one with the .exe

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    windows will kick a error
    are you sure you want to replace this file with your crack file
    you need to say yes

    also check & get the newest video & audio drivers

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    yes i over wrote the original exe with the cracked one. i placed the cracked in the program/sierra/ homeworld2/bins or data and still got the same black screen as if it were switching to the game but then my desktop comes back up? im not sure ifihave the updated drivers however star wars jedi academy seems to run pretty well. i didget a message during install of hw2 that it rec. 256 megs ram and ionly have 224?

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    Not sure but you may have a currupt file.
    Check the for error logs

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    have anyone played this game
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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