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Thread: Help With A Torrent File!

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    Can somebody please help me?
    I just d/l Dreamcatcher mpg from s/nova and the file is still as a torrent file rather than a movie file or bin and cue file. I can play the file in windows media player but I can't copy it onto a disc? Or rather I don't know how to. I've searched all over the forum and facts to find the answer with no luck.
    Please can somebody help me or at least point me in the right direction??
    Many thanks

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  3. BitTorrent   -   #2
    How can it be 'still as a torrentfile'?
    Bittorrent d/leds the files 'as is' and not in some temporary .dat form.

    What client are you using?
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    should play in videolan
    was it compleat
    unless you just downloaded the .torrent you should have the movie?
    you opened it & pointed it to a site to download and it compleatly finished download(said finished)?

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    Yes it is complete and I can play it in windows media player. When I clicked on it in s/nova I 'saved target as' as usual but in my shared folder it had d/l as a torrent file still after it has completed??
    I've never had it before as they normally d/l as a media file.
    I just dont get how I can play the torrent file in wmp but how do I copy it to disk?
    The file says 'Dreamcatcher, torrent file, 705,745KB'

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    if you play it in wmp then its clearly a media file: either mpeg or avi or stg like that.
    try for how to put it on a disk
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  7. BitTorrent   -   #6
    This is the problem i&#39;m having though cause I no how to convert, encode and put avi, divx etc on disc but it doesn&#39;t seam to be any of them. When I look in the properties is says its mpg but I really don&#39;t no wots going on with it lol
    I can&#39;t get to it when I try to open it up in tmpg to encode it. All I can do with it is watch it in wmp?
    Its mad or am I mising something?
    Please help

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    change the file to .avi instead of .torrent

  9. BitTorrent   -   #8
    How do I do that?

  10. BitTorrent   -   #9

    then right click and rename to Dreamcatcher.avi
    guessing its called Dreamcatcher.torrent now????
    if so that shoud do it

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    U can simply do this start>find all files and folders type in the name of the movie and search on c and d drives cause when u download it doesn&#39;t start as a torrent file it is the file u are downloading, it preallocates spaces. But anyway, do that and u should find your movie.

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