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Thread: Help With Bitt Please!

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    When I try to connect with people it doesnt work. I am behind a friewall so Im thinking thats prob why i cant. But I think my FIrewall is turned off anyway. But it says port 6881 should be open so people can connect to me through it. How do I opne that port?

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    Mar 2003
    do u have this problem with 1 torrent or all of them?
    ice ice baby

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    All their all really slow and most of the time dont connect!

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    Unless youve specifically told your comp/firewall not to recieve incoming connections on that port (6886) it should recieve them fine..I use bit-torrent with my firewall and I never had to change any settings..What bit-torrent client are you using?

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    Idk,I went to clicked download then that was it. Why?


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