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Thread: Monkey's Audio/ape

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    I ripped some of my cd's using APE and I really like it. The files are huge but the quality is excellent. Anybody using this or any other lossless format?

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    OGG and mp3 are the only formats I've used...but I got the encoder and EAC profile for MPC ripping tonight...
    I may try it sometime in the future.
    All those "other" formats are fun to play with, but really impractical to encode with, IMO. mp3 is the common,
    commercially supported format. I know of no digital music players that have built-in decoding for them, no popular audio CD
    burning apps offer built-in conversion support for to me it seems senseless for people to encode with
    them for anything but personal PC use.

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    I use APE to archive my personal collection on my PC. I understand your point about supported formats for buring and portable players. Although Media Center's burner supports APE conversion (I belive one of the MC developers also developed Monkey's Audio but I am not sure).

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    i use Cdex


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