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Thread: Burn Dvds?

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    I have a brand new computer, built in burner and DVD player. Do I need additional hardware to burn from .avi to DVD format or do I simply need to convert the file types then burn with my internal burner? I'm sure I need more hardware, because I've messed around with it a bit...someone please tell me exactly what I need.


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    you need a dvd burner to burn dvd's
    but if you have a stand alone dvd player that suports vcd/svcd/kvcd you can rip a dvd to mpeg1(vcd) or mpeg2(svcd) then burn it to a cdr to play
    check your home dvd player here

    has good guides also

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    i hate to give u links n00b, but im just to lazy to explain... <---my fav <---not that n00b friendly, but good

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    btw u can still Ripp DVDs if u only have a DVD-Rom drive.
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    u need a dvd burner and the software for it. thats it i think.

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    you need a dvd burner to burn dvd&#39;s
    but if you have a stand alone dvd player that suports vcd/svcd/kvcd you can rip a dvd to mpeg1(vcd) or mpeg2(svcd) then burn it to a cdr to play
    Nero works well for this method. You need Nero + CD burner. If you want to rip for playback in a stand-alone DVD, find the manual or even look somewhere on the device(usually the front) to find the compatible CD types (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R). The file size of the video will determine what type of CD to use in the burn process. Example; A video downloaded in two files, around 135mb each; burned with Nero/VcD/CD-R(700mb), the ratio increases to over 400mb using the VCD burn format, thus, you will need two discs for each file. If the file is larger than 135mb, say, 635mb divx/avi then Nero(Vcd) will probably prompt for a CD-RW, wether or not the Nero will convert/burn all 635mb&#39;s to the CD-RW, I don&#39;t know, I&#39;ve never tried it. I&#39;m not sure about the SVCD method using Nero, but it is definetly an option.

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    yea but nero does such a shitty job at encoding
    I would only use it as a burning app, much better encoders

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    Glad to know that, I was thinking Nero was the best, but I was wondering why it encoded so inefficiently. It burns ISO&#39;s well and music CD&#39;s well, but I&#39;ll definetly try another app, thanks for the links.

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    no problems on the links, now you need to hook me up with some of your nick

    /off to stir my mdp2p`


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