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Thread: I need help to retrieve some accounts....

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    Hello I am n00b at this forum so I want to say hello out to everyone before I start.

    Here we go, I have been busy with my studies for the past year and now I have lost some accounts at some private trackers.

    I get "This account has been disabled" at tophos, ukt, norbits and bitme. And softmp3 looks dead.

    Can anyone point me the direction how I can get in touch with them and maybe get my accounts back?

    Cheers, Jensen.

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    Try this link, It's the tracker-staff thread.
    It should help.

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    Go into IRC support channels.
    Let me know if you have trouble getting in touch with staff at Bitme or Tophos.
    Good luck getting your accounts back
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    about softmp3, the site is dead, and permanently closed.


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