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Thread: Account blocked on RevTT! IP banned on #help! How to connect rTT staff to know why?

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    Ufologist's Avatar d-_-b
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    May 2009
    I am was PU on RevTT. Some days ago I found that I cannot login. Unauthorized IP address says that my IP is banned.
    I logged in on #help channel, but while I tried to translate my message on english (I'm from non-english speaking country), My IP was banned there too...
    I even doesn't know a reason why I was banned.
    Can someone help me how can I connect to RevTT staff?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ufologist View Post
    I even doesn't know a reason why I was banned.

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    Mar 2009
    Let me know if you can't reach an admin, and I'll go on IRC and talk to them for you.


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