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Thread: Free Kranius Mp3's For Share And Download!

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    Heads up global metalers!! KRANIUS (unsigned metal band) from UK have FREE mp3's for download at The official KRANIUS website

    There are 3 mp3's taken from KRANIUS's previous albums and put together as a demo and even have a cd inlay for download!

    To find the mp3's on the Official KRANIUS website go to home page and click on the misc section or the news clip section on the front page. Also feel free to browse the site as there is loadsa other cool stuff to!

    The mp3's are also being shared on Kazaa so get searchin!! for KRANIUS and share away and show your support!!

    Also! check the website often as KRANIUS are currently in the studio recording new material!! so if ya like what ya hear u can find out more about the new forthcoming album at the site!

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    will check it out.


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