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Thread: The Riaa Prank!

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    Hilarious read!

    Download the song here:

    # Share it. If you use a file-sharing program like Grokster or Morpheus, download this song into your shared folder, keeping the filename intact. (It shares better if everyone uses the same filename.) Fire up KaZaA, endure the 40,000 popup ads, and enjoy.
    # E-mail it. Send a copy of the song to three people you know and love. Or Ben Schumin. Whichever's easier.
    # Send it to a rock station. E-mail the song to your favorite local rock station. You can find their address via their cheesy website, which undoubtedly has lots of blinky graphics, and a picture of the wacky morning DJ wearing a Speedo containing a rolled-up tube sock.
    # Send it to a college station. College students should e-mail the song to your college station, which will get the song out to tens and tens of people, sometimes reaching all the way to a neighboring building.
    # Spread it. Lobby your local karaoke bar to add the song to their collection.
    # Perform it. Organize an elementary school play in which the children all rap the song in unison. Invite the parents.
    # Hum it. Buy a kazoo. Go into a public toilet and hum the song incessantly on your kazoo until you have the commodes all to yourself.
    # Sing it. If you have access to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, arrange a choral version of the song, and perform it during an upcoming Sunday service. Serve refreshments.

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    Nice find.............

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    Originally posted by Meehowski@28 September 2003 - 19:41
    Nice find.............
    Good one, and the Phone Call, like he said:

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    u should read on the other pranks, here's my fav.
    JH: Hello. I just downloaded some illegal MP3s and my friend told me that the RAII is going to sue everyone who downloads music. What should I do?
    RIAA: Hold on just a sec.
    [There was a hold of about two minutes. I was desperately afraid they were tracing my call, and that Agent Smith would come smashing through my door at any moment, wielding the severed arm of Jimmy Carter. But I courageously waited it out.]
    RIAA: Sir?
    JH: Yes.
    RIAA: The best advice I can offer you at this moment is to go to and you can learn there how to uninstall your peer-to-peer software or file-sharing service.
    JH: But I don't have a pee service. Someone just e-mailed me a song and I listened to it. Am I going to jail?
    RIAA: Sir, I don't know. I'm not in a position to offer you legal advice on this.
    JH: Legal advice? Do I need to get a lawyer?
    RIAA: You might want to. As I said, your best possible route is to go to Beyond that, I'm not in a position to offer you additional legal advice.
    JH: Can I write a check to someone?
    RIAA: Has your service provider told you that you've been subpoenaed?
    JH: A penis?
    RIAA: [Long pause] What?
    JH: You asked if my service provider told me I have a penis?
    RIAA: Have you been issued a subpoena?
    JH: I just listened to it in my e-mail, is all!
    RIAA: Sir, I can't give you any specific legal advice to assist you in your situation.
    JH: My girlfriend listened to the song too. Is she going to jail? I'm really scared.
    RIAA: I can't give you any specific advice beyond what I've said.
    JH: How much do these songs cost? Can I just mail a check to you guys? I really don't want to go back to prison.
    RIAA: Sir. I cannot have these conversations. You should consult a lawyer if you think you might be at risk.
    JH: But I can't afford a lawyer! They're too expensive!
    RIAA: What I can tell you is to visit, which will tell you ways to reduce the likelihood that you will be a target.
    JH: A TARGET?! A target of who? Terrorists?!
    RIAA: A target of legal action.
    JH: You guys ARE going to sue me! I knew it! I never should have downloaded Beethoven's Ninth Symphony! Oh, NO!!!
    RIAA: That's the best I can do for you.

    And then he hung up on me.
    The funny thing is, I tried going to, but I couldn't connect. Maybe they've moved the site to an unlisted address.


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