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Thread: The Movie Is Good Quality, But It Shakes A Lot!

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    I recently downloaded a movie from BT and it completed successfully. I tried watching the movie and the quality was excellent, but the screen keeps shaking. The sound was also excellent, it seemed to run smoothly, but as you can imagine, it wasnt very interesting to watch because it looked like everyone was having a seizure. The file says it is a DVD-rip Proper Xvid

    any suggestions?

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    sound like a missing or conflicking codec
    do you have the klit codec pack?
    if you just want to watch it, play it in videolan

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    try using a different player

    proud to be american

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    use the newest xvid decoder included in the k-lite codec pack.

    alternatively, you can use ffdshow or 3ivx to decode the movie.

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    I think im using the latest codec already, i tried BS player, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Alternative, all three produce the same results

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    da moon
    this happened to me when i downloaded the hulk.

    what you have to do is uninstall all your video codecs, including xvid divx and so on, and then restart your computer and install the k-lite codec pack, AND ONLY! that pack! because the will conflict with otehre.

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    ahh,ic, thx every1. It works now


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