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Thread: Is it possible to have OVH replace a broken server?

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    I have one server with OVH that crashes constantly, every time I try to compile something with it. Needless to say it's absolutely unusable.

    Their test don't seem to crash their server though...however those synthetic rescue-mode tests seem not to be worth crap.

    Anyway, their tech support (Angie in particular) says that the server is fine and is blaming my makefile (note that the server crashes, it's not that it doesn't compile). The makefile by the way is Mysql's default, and it is the same one we use in hundreds of servers...

    Has anyone been successful in having OVH replace a server? If yes, how?

    We paid for 3 months in advance so it's a lot to eat...

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  3. BitTorrent   -   #2
    Have you tried to reinstall the server and start from the beggining??
    The place to seed!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seedplace View Post
    Have you tried to reinstall the server and start from the beggining??
    Yes of course. It's a broken server, that's all.

    Anyway they have fixed it... said there was a problem with the CPU cooling.

    3 days, but well, at least I got it.

  5. BitTorrent   -   #4
    At least they admit they had a broken system
    That's good for you
    The place to seed!!!!


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