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Thread: IRC help

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    something strange happened to my account, and I'd like to get it sorted out. I joined the IRC, but I couldn't join I kept getting "You have not registered," but when I tried to /msg nickserv, I got the same thing.

    According to this thread that was what I was supposed to do, but it didn't work...


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    I'm not sure if you were entering the correct info. Try this -

    If that doesn't work, use this -
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    The FST group

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    apparently I suck at IRC. The problem was that I didn't put in enough info in the "who are you/3rd and 4th user name picks" sections.

    Well, that, and inviting some asshole who cheated. But that is sorted out. Sorry for the pointless thread, and thanks for helping me sort this out, admin crew.


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