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Thread: Nikita's Hi-end Pc....

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    I've decided to build a new high-end PC from scratch. Your input is welcome and please keep it within the guideline of the board and common sense (joking is welcome, sometimes yet not always : ) Some points first to keep in mind:
    • TOTAL Price range - $2,000 - $7,000
    • For business and pleasure (Dual boot up)
    • Windows OS (for now, until I feel more comfortable w/Linux, then I'll Dual Boot)
    • Prefer not have built in hardware, such as sound, video and other cards
    • Capable of upgrading future hardware where possible and for as long as possible
    Now for the do list by order of priority (Basic components first):
    1. CPU - DECIDED - Intel, Undecided on speed and dual proc.
    2. Motherboard - Undecided, yet leaning toward ASUS
    3. Motherboard Chipsets - DECIDED - Intel, yet Undecided on which version
    4. Fans, Power supply & others - Undecided
    5. RAM - Undecided
    6. IDE Hard Drive - Considering:
      1. 2 Western Digital (250GB) WD2500BB for data/applications (to partition off course)
      2. 2 Western Digital (20GB) WD200BB for 2 OS boot
      3. 2 Buslink (40GB) DL-40-U2 for ER and other quick transfer outside LAN
    7. RAID 0 - Undecided
    8. CDROM/CDRW/DVD drives - DECIDED, 2 Sony’s Internal DVD±RW Drives DRU510A
    9. Video Cards - Considering Digital cards, Turtle Beach TBS-3400-01XX
    10. Display - Undecided
    11. OS - DECIDED - Windows 2000
    12. Case - Undecided

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Hey got you PM

    Check this out for your Mother Board

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #3
    thx shadow, to maintain the High End of this PC, i'd have to get the 64bit too.

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    For the hard drive i'd go with 2 250gig hard drives. The more space the better.

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    Maybe you should wait for the P4 Extreme Edition to come out (its a modded Xeon) theres benchmarks here its seems to kick ass. Tom's hardware when they did the benchmarking used the Asus P4C800-E (Full specmotherboard, and has some very nice features. The chip'll is predicted to set you back around $900 and the mobo $200.
    Are you seriously considering buying 6 hard drives and 2 dvd writers? anyway what about a raid 0 setup on some of those hard drives.

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    @Shadow - those were the best internal i found, so far.
    @ilw - the obvious option is yes to wait for P4 Extreme, i have test it, yet not as much and as thorough Tom's benchmarks. Any release dates? yes for the DVD+- and about the raid 0, i'm looking into that and added it to the to do list (thx. for the reminder).
    one thought tho, motherboards in general have limited capabilities to the qty of internal HD u can put. any options to put more than 2/3?

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    TClite's Avatar Poster
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    Nov 2002
    had a spec posted but you seem set on everything, i was suggesting amd based solution..

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    @TClite - thx for the input, i know AMD has advantages over Intel, yet overall i've tested and dealt with Intel and always got better results than AMD. As for the OS, Win 2000 is much more stable and toward what I need it to do. XP has several outstanding issues and won't be resolved until xp2 (if they fix them) and/or longhorn comes out.

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    any options to put more than 2/3
    I thought you might be buying a PCI IDE card. Maybe if you got a server motherboard it'd take more, but they generally aren't very high performance (for gamers)

    I'm not sure what the Asus motherboard i posted before can take, it may be 6 devices,

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    @ilw - ur right, staying with PCI. thx.

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