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Thread: Good Places To D/l Games?!

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    Anyone know of any good URL's, or IRC channels or anything where I can download good games(that I can't find on kazaa)?? I'm particularly looking for the PC version of 'Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine' and all I can find is the freaking N64 rom!
    Also, if anyone knows where I can get 'Hot Wheels Crash', that would be cool but I only really want Indy.
    Even if someone has these and would be willing to share 'em on kazaa or send via another method I would REALLY appreciate it.
    Please, I'm desperate!

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Cant find the game but were not aloud to post those kinds of sites here.(warez)

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    I though warez sites were all full of shit, oh well. If anyone does find it on a site or anywhere thats not allowed to be posted, PM it to me or something...
    Please help!!

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    shoud try emule for the rare'r games & movies

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    Will do! Hope it's there.

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    The warez site i know are not crap. I gusse i am lucky.

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    Sep 2003
    Look behind you, you may not see me, but I am there
    Can you PM me a good site?


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