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Thread: 80's Horror Movies

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    I'm looking for a few 80's horror movies, they are:

    Trick Or Treat
    Making Contact
    My Science Project
    The Wraith

    Can ne1 help??

    Thanks in advance


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    MY friend, I been looking for 80's horrors on Kazaa for about 2 years now - come up with nothing.
    If you can help me out bro, please do.


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    You can get 3 of those 4 movies on DVD at Target for $5.94. I don't know why you would bother messing with Kazaa for those when they are so cheap.

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    Well for ONE, not everyone's a yank.
    TWO, not eveyrone HAS a target store, noly Yanks.
    THREE, not everyone has the money.

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    Cheers pal,

    Couldn't have put it better myself



  7. Movies & TV   -   #6
    ok save your money...

    Get your self DC++

    and join up 2 this horror hub

    u will have 2 sign up 2 the hub , and u will b expected 2 share, but u will find just about any horror movie u want ....

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    Thanks for the DC PLus link, but I need the DC Plus hacked copy, the one which cheats how much you're sharing. I just do not HAVE enough to share on my pc!

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    yes i wouldn't mind downloading the wraith has well, but i am satisfied with it on video. now all i got to find is that damn car, that car rules. I also just got dc++ and already downloaded league of extroardinary gentleman on it in 2 days, brilliant stuff that dc++

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    can someone then PLEASE tell me what room to connect, I have the cracked version of DC++ now! Where do I go for horror?


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    where is the cracked version, and how do i use the damn thing!!!!

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