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Thread: Napster Vs. Kazaa's Chat Rooms

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    I've been into this downloading stuff for a long time now and i still remember back in the day when napster was on everyone's pc and i could find all of my friends in a chat room or on a hotlist that was built-on to the software. What ever happened to those style chat rooms? I wish kazaa lite k++ would switch to a chat like that with a hotlist so i could ditch msn and yahoo mess.

    Anyone else agree?

    I mean i like and use the web based chat rooms but they just don't seem as cool!?

    I also was wondering why no one ever responds when you send them a message! Oh well later, let me know what ya think about napster's style chat rooms vs. kazaa's.

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    you might want to start by posting in the right site this is klite questions you want about our forum

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    post this in Filesharing


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