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Thread: Beginning Of An End Of Riaa Etc.!

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    Yes, it is happening my friends... Some of you were too sceptical to believe that the Riaa can be stopped, maybe that news flash will make a believer out of you, or at least you might be a little more "open minded".

    Yes my friends, Christmas isn't everyday, but it's near and...
    Santa Claus is comming to youuuuuu&#33;&#33;&#33;

    NEWS&#33;&#33;&#33;9/30/03 Beginning of an end of RIAA etc.&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    As a lawyer myself (not in the USA by the way) i find that the canadian option (the fees in the cd-rīs) is good, but for what i was able to understand from the article you linked me to, thatīs even better.

    Just a little and unnoticeable question. . . how do i eat it&#33;&#33;&#33;???

    Simple plain words for a "not-so-educated-about-technical-pc-language" kind of guys would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like just another P2P to me.

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    This is interesting. I think I get the gist of this, but maybe not. If I&#39;m correct, here&#39;s a simplified conceptualization. Using the metaphor of music notation as an example, OFF is akin to taking a song, breaking it up into very fine elements, these elements being so ordinary (such as the individual pieces comprising a song like a 1/4 note) and then having many other songs decomposed likewise. Since there are many songs with the &#39;same quarter note&#39;, there is no way of proving that each of the elements are part of an identifiable copyrighted material.

    Put another way, imagine that one took 10 copyrighted manuscripts and shredded them into very fine pieces. How would anyone be able to prove that the fine paper pieces are part of a copyrighted manuscript? Very cool concept. Thanks for the info.

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    i think this is a sweet idea. and if it works kazaa lite should somehow support it in their program.

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    Thanks for the "plain terms" explanation.

    Maybe the dirty d is right, if kazaa lite find a way to support it, itīll be a kick in the . . . you know where to those guys trying to stop filesharing, at least until some smart guy developes a law against it.

    Thanks again.

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    I could have sworn I posted in this topic but I see it must be a new one. Like I said before why would u want to try to bring down the RIAA, there would be no good music anymore.

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    Originally posted by Gre1@2 October 2003 - 04:30
    I could have sworn I posted in this topic but I see it must be a new one. Like I said before why would u want to try to bring down the RIAA, there would be no good music anymore.
    First you gotta ask yourself a question... What is RIAA...?
    It&#39;s the corruption behind the entertainment industry. It&#39;s the people that have always been taking advantage of artists...So that&#39;s what they want to anihilate... There will be some other ways to support artists, like even label controlled by the Government... We already pay taxes, besides there will still be a lot of profits, to even patch up budget holes...

    This is how their revoulutionary system supposed to work...

    There is more I&#39;ve found...,1283,54812,00.html

    And also you might consider signing those three petitions...
    Reclaim the Public Domain Sign it&#33;&#33;
    To: U.S. Congress, RIAA, All Record Companies, Spoiled Artists Sign it&#33;&#33;
    Take a Stand Against the Madness; Stop the RIAA&#33;Sign it&#33;&#33;

    if anyone knows any hacker group that is willing to participate in the "Big hack" let them know, and tell them to contact Mods at the "Big hack".
    They are still recruting new groups every day and they want to have groups from around the world...

    To unite, means to be unstoppable and victorius...

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